Milestone Paper, Ethics and Research

You will be writing a Milestone paper in this class on Ethics and Research.  In a 3-5 page paper please research an incident of a serious ethics and integrity violation in policing, law, corrections, or criminal justice.  Detail the facts surrounding the incident and what steps may have been taken to prevent it from happening.  
Please submit your paper in APA format.  Here is a link that you may find helpful when writing in APA
This assignment is due in Week Eight of the class
Main Elements
Include the following elements in your final paper:
Cover PageExecutive Summary Page – Introducing the ContentYour TopicOverview of TopicHistorical data that has shaped the topicCurrent SituationConclusion (can include implications for the future)Reference PageYour final paper should consist of 5-7 pages and be written in APA 7 format.