Mind Map

Building on the work you carried out for Part 1, now select a key work of the artist you are focusing on for your project. Again, it can a work we covered in class, or a different one, as long as it addresses at least one of the themes and subjects covered in this course, including later weeks in the semester we havent gotten to yet.

Follow the prompt on the provided power point template

Actions to create a mind map, this time through the lens of the artwork. As you work, notice what additional information you gain from this altered perspective and lens. Consider especially the importance, for example of site and how that might inform both how and what kind of work is made, but also how it is received and understood by audiences.

Through this exercise, you are asked to research and identify, in broad strokes, the relation of the work its broader context to concurrent themes and concerns, to particular trends, to the importance of site, etc.
Again, this mind map will provide the visual component of your research for your final presentation, while facilitating a visual language to formulate questions and identify themes as you go along. use color, images or lines to relate ideas to each other

Be creative and expansive


Lawrence Lek 

* I will attach the template, please follow the template, I just need Part 2 from you which is slide 16-22, please do not use Wikipedia as a source, please try to use soruces that are more resourcesful. I will also the attach the first part that i did so you can add onto that. *