Assignment 9:  Mindfulness


Please read the article.  If you prefer, you may discuss any of the other assigned articles for the assignment.  I thought that this might make for an interesting change.  Feel free to discuss multiple articles, should you wish to do so.  You should submit a reaction paper via the assignment tool on eLearning.  Papers should be between 700 and 750 words.  
My preference is for papers to be saved in Word.  However, as long as I can open the document to read it, other options are fine.  My suggestion that if it is not in Word, save it as a .pdf or .rtf file.  If I am unable to open your paper, it will count as a zero.  If you should require assistance with this, you should contact the help desk (contact information is available on RCSJ’s website).  You should also cut and paste your paper in the submission section of eLearning.  This ensures that if I cannot open your paper, I have a back-up way of viewing it.  
My advice is to submit well in advance of the 11:59 pm deadline to ensure that your paper is received on time.  There is no acceptable excuse for receiving a late paper, and regardless of circumstance, late papers will not be accepted.   
Assignments should be completed using APA format.  One-third of the grade is based on using APA citations correctly (10 points of the 30).  Please see the following website for questions on APA formatting.