minimum wage: in Canada and around the world

You are a senior researcher on minimum wage at the InternationalLabour Organisation (ILO). ILO leadership has asked you to prepare a briefpolicy paper in form of an essay about global minimum wage systems, theeffectiveness of minimum wage reducing inequality and what Canada can learnfrom other countries on minimum wage which then related to human resources management
The essay shall be nolonger than 6 one-sided pages. Spacing: 1.5 lines in 12-point Times New Romanstyle (cover page and bibliography do not count towards this page limit). Properlyindicate in your essay any source you use and make sure you always cite correctly using APAstyle, version 7. Use credible sources only.
Please ensure the essayis written in clear, plain and grammatically correct English language. 
ILO leadership wants you to address in your essay:
Minimum Wage: A snapshot of the world andwhat Canada could learn from other countries
1.)     Providea brief overview of how many countries globally have a minimum wage, howmany workers worldwide earn at or below minimum wage and the range of minimumwage levels globally.
2.)     Presenta more detailed analysis on:
a.       Describethe different systems of how minimum wage can be set and illustrate the variousmodels by examples.
b.       Explainwhich conditions need to be met to ensure minimum wage is effective in reducingincome inequality and summarise key challenges countries face meeting theseconditions.
c.       Identifytypical characteristics of minimum wage earners globally.
d.       PositionCanada in the global context in terms of how minimum wage is set, the amount ofminimum wage and its adjustment schedule, how effective it is addressing incomeinequality and the demographics of typical minimum wage earners in Canada.
e.       finally,critically assess Canadas system of minimum wage and evaluate whether and ifso, what, Canada could learn from other countries on minimum wage. Outline thereasons for your arguments.
As a starting point for your project, you mayconsider:
       ILO(2020) Global Wage Report 2020-2021, Chapters 7-10, available at:–en/index.htm
You are encouraged to do additional research on yourown. There is no fixed minimum or maximum of additional sources to use. It isthe quality of your arguments, not the quantity of your sources which matters.