Mission Statement, Goals Objectives-on Hispanics in low income environments in California that lack educational knowledge of health

Using paper (file attached) which states the problem statement and planning mode come up with Mission Statement,Goals, and Objectives and Data that will be required that go along with file attached

Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives & Data Assignment
To plan, implement, and evaluate effective health promotion programs, planners must have a solid foundation in place to guide them through their work. The mission statement, goals, and objectives of a program can provide such a foundation. In order to develop Goals and Objectives categories of data will need to be examined such as (BMI, high risk, medium risk, low risk, or excellent health, poor health etc.).
Purpose: A Mission Statement is a short narrative that describes the purpose and focus of the program. The statement not only describes the current focus of a program but also may reflect the philosophy behind it. Goals are broad statements that describe the expected outcomes of the program. They are less specific than objectives and are used to explain the general intent of a program. Objectives are the precise statements of intended outcome. They are small steps that if completed will lead to completing the program goals.
If prepared properly, a mission statement, goals, and objectives should not only give the necessary direction to a program but also provide the ground work for the program evaluation.
Health education specialists are expected to have the knowledge and skills to plan and carry out the processes associated with measurement, e.g. literature review that justifies a program, review of demographic data, how to measure outcomes, measure how objectives have been met, and to interpret data and present it to stakeholders.
Content/Subject: Your paper will present a mission statement, goals and objectives centered on a health promotion program that addresses a health issue of your choice for a target population. Included in this paper will be a section detailing the data you will need to review for your program proposal.
Specific Guidelines:

Title Page: APA Student Title Page
Mission, Goals and Objectives: create a Mission Statement, 2-4 Goals, 4 Objectives
Measurement: look online for a measurement instrument that suits your program proposal, many are free e.g. National Center for Health Statistics https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/index.htm (Links to an external site.) can be useful (dont pay for one). You may need to look at many and select specific questions or a scale that may work for you. Describe what data you would look at and why it is important for your program.
APA Mechanics: no errors in punctuation, sentence structure and spelling