Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndromes

Students are required to prepare a report on a review paper related to rare diseases. A copy of the review paper needs to be submitted at least two weeks before the report is due (10 points). Multiple publications should be used to prepare the final report. (Review Paper is attached) The introduction should include a description of the disease and how it was discovered (10 points). The body of the report should provide information that describes what is currently known about the disease. Be sure to cover affected gene(s) (if known), inheritance pattern, affected pathway(s), mechanism(s) for the disease, symptoms, and treatment(s). Pictures and/or schematics from the review paper (or from somewhere else) may be included in the report always providing the corresponding source (40 points). In the Discussion, discuss prominent position(s) on issues such as controversies about treatment used, whether this disease affects a specific population, and any other fact that you may think is relevant and/or interesting (20 points). Images/figures included in the report (20 points).