Mod 4 Assignment

Afterviewing the video this week and reading the accompanying handouts, pleaseanswer the following questions:
1)     If given all circumstances (job or family or both) which ofthe different ages, non-mobile, mobile, or toddler, do youthink would be the most fun to work with and which, in your opinion, wouldbe the least?  Do you have a preference in working with one or more ofthese Ages of Infancy?  Explain your response in detail.
Despite the fact that you may not have access to a child forobservation, think of a young one and then respond to this next question.
2)  After reviewing the suggested toys and activities for the age period ofthe child you have chosen to work with this semester in the handouts (youshould have read through all of the handouts for each age range) which activityor toy do you think your child will respond to with enthusiasm? Why do you thinkthis?  Could a toy or activity be adapted that would help your child tobecome more enthused? What other toys might your child find engaging?