Models of Care Case Study

The Chief Nursing Officer(CNO) has challenged your division to develop a proposal for a new caredelivery model for the department of nursing.  She wants you to make arecommendation for a nursing care delivery model and, after approval, pilot iton your department’s Women’s Health Unit.  The Womens Health Unit is a 36bed inpatient unit that provides inpatient care to female medical surgicalpatients with most patients on the gynecology, Uro-gynecology or OBGYN-oncologyservices. 
       Use the information provided and the staffing position controland quality documents included to develop a recommendation for the bestmodel of care for this organization, this unit and patientpopulation. Use evidence to support your recommendation. Clearly describe theelements of the recommended model of care including clinical decision making,work allocation, communication, and management.
       Develop an implementation plan with enough detailfor the change process that another service could modify this plan for use intheir unit implementation. For example, you need to include staff involvement,education and training issues, HR issues, position control changes, etc. Alsoinclude a detailed timeline. 
       As a final component, make a recommendation fordata monitoring for this project to include specific indicators, frequencyof measure, and expected outcomes.
This recommendationshould be submitted in a format appropriate to a presentation to your Directorand CNO.  Therefore, there is some creativity allowed in the format chosenby your team (e.g. business plan, project proposal, etc.).  The totaldocument should not exceed 15 pages but should generally be less to beeffective for getting senior leaders’ attention and support.  This is ascholarly document, but APA format is not necessary except for quotations andreferences. But, your document should be business style and scholarlywritten. 
RecommendedModel of Care and Elements (8 pts)
Nameof selected model and a clear description of the elements of the recommendedmodel of care including clinical decision making, work allocation,communication, and management.
Models of Care: (ChooseOne)
TotalPatient Care
PatientFocused Care
ImplementationPlan and Timeline (7 pts)
Providea detail overview of the change process so that another service could modifythis plan for use and implementation in their unit. For example, you need toinclude staff involvement, education and training issues, HR issues, positioncontrol changes, etc. Also include a detailed timeline.
RecommendedData Monitoring Process (7 pts)
Makerecommendations for data monitoring include specific indicators, frequency ofmeasurements, trend reporting, type of measurement tool(s), and expected outcomes.