Module 1 CompTIA Cloud+ Guide to Cloud Compu Class

There are 5 Assigments that need to be completed for this.
Need original work, for the homework questions.
1) Project 2-1: Create a VM in a Hypervisor2) Project 2-3: Deploy a VM in AWS3) Project 2-4: Deploy a VM in Azure4) Project 2-5: Deploy a VM in GCP5) Project 2-6: Connect to VMs in AWS, Azure, and GCP
When answering the questions, please refer to the instructions in each assignment that are attached.
This could include providing answers in the form code It could also require a manual creation of a table in excel or access and then copy and paste of table from excel or access into the assignment docx file.  
I have attached a copy of the Module Project Review Questions and answers.
Please include questions with the answer.