Module 7

Ensure to provide a thorough and complete response to each question.
1. Fully describe the difference in conducting a cost effectiveness analysis
and a cost benefit analysis and provide examples of when one should be
used over the other.

2. The advent of drug courts has been implemented since the late 1980s.
Based on the principles of evaluation research described throughout
the semester, assess how Gottfredson et al. used these principles to
evaluate the effectiveness of drug treatment courts.

3. Based on the cost efficiency analysis described by Mears, assess what the
findings reveal about the efficiency of the drug courts (from the four
articles). Fully describe the drug courts impact and their overall cost
effectiveness as evidenced by the studys findings. Based on the research
findings, provide a thorough and detailed explanation whether the
outcomes of these courts result in a cost-efficient program worthy of
continued funding (support and explain your position).