Watch the film Moonlight (2016)
The film Moonlight addresses a number of thematic concerns, particularly around identity. It also is shot in a very distinct style and its formal structure spans many years, with several important ages in the main characters’ lives in each section.
This week, I want to spend some time discussing this film as an individual experience. Taking into account these aspects of it: identity and other themes you perceive in the film; layers of meaning, and the specific way the plot is structured, discuss the film’s impact on you personally and how this impact is achieved through the filmmaker’s approach (form, writing, structure, story, cinematic language).
HOWEVER, I would like to see you taking a specific stand on the film’s overall meaning in your post. So being with your personal reaction to the film, and then offer up an interpretation of the film’s most important meaning in your opinion and ground that interpretation in evidence from the film itself. Don’t be vague in crafting your argument. Use specific examples from the film.