Moral (PHILOSOPHICAL/ETHICAL) Reasoning critical analysis of : (see instructions attached)

MORAL (PHILOSOPHICAL/ETHICAL) REASONINGTOPIC: ( choose one)• Harrison Bergeron a 90-minute minute film that usesEGALITARIANISM, VIRTUE ETHICS and CULTURAL RELATIVISM as moral reasoningperspectivesOR• “Pinto Madness” article from Mother Jones an investigative reportusing DUTY THEORY and ACT UTILITARIANISM reasoning perspectives.INSTRUCTIONSMLA formatting, double-spaced1. write a moral reasoning (philosophical/ethical) critical analysis of one of two topicsabove using one or more of the moral reasoning perspectives listed. Your goal is to:▪ analyze the topic’s idea from one or more moral reasoning perspectives, asyou are examining the writer’s position, explorations, assertions, andargument (not his opponents’, even if included) to see how they reflectthat moral reasoning standard(s).2. Provide your essay with a claim, warrant, backing (support), and conclusion,employing critical philosophical/ethical reasoning analysis.3. use specific examples from the film or essay for that support. (No rebuttal for thisessay as you are doing a critical analysis of the work.)4. Keep the essay focused entirely on analyzing the work via the moral reasoningperspective(s) you have selected; don’t redirect the essay to a debate or yourpersonal, subjective analysis of the topic itself.Research: You should use one to two research sources (no more than three) from trustedsources or from the Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyCite that research in the essay and on a works cited page.Keep any research (on the moral reasoning perspective or the film, story, or essay) to nomore than 25% of the essay.Length: Minimum 800 words—maximum 1 ,250 words, not counting the Works Cited pageLogos/Pathos/Ethos Balance: Use an appropriate balance of logic (logos) and emotion (pathos) in youressay,Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics, Vocabulary, Style: Use correct English grammar, spelling, andmechanics; evidence varied sentence structure, college-level vocabulary, and individual style in yourwriting