MPSM 500 Module 6 Sports Profile Assignment- Outline and Works Cited

This module you will work to create an outline of your Sports Profile. You will identify a minimum of 6 sources that will be used in your final paper. You are to submit  this project outline and works cited to your instructor. Please submit your intended resources in APA format.
Each student will submit their assignment by Sunday 11:55 PM, EDT.
This assignment aligns with all Course Learning Outcomes.

Describe the fundamental concepts of ethical maxims and principles common to sport organizations.
Apply a working knowledge of ethical maxims and principles towards practical use within the professional work environment
Develop Interpersonal skills required for effective application of ethical principles for sport organizations.
Construct a research based comparative analysis of a moral dilemma within a major societal issue related to sports.

Writing Assignments are submitted through the TurnItIn plagiarism tool, which evaluates them and assigns a score for originality. If you receive a score greater than 20%, you will need to rework and resubmit your paper.
( attached is the work done for this thus far / the topic picked )