Narrative Criticism

For this question, you will practice applying the method of narrative criticism to two artifacts. You may choose from the , the video of , or this  (this is the subject of the assigned example essay for Chapter 10 in your textbook so you can reference that if you like to see how that author analyzed it.) You will answer this set of questions twice, once for each artifact.
a. Who is the audience? (1 sentence).
b. What is the objective of the narrative? (1 sentence).
c. Identify features of the narrative. There is a longer list in your textbook but here you can focus on: order of events, causal links, conflict, characters, setting. (Bulleted list is fine).
d. Use your answers from a-c to assess and evaluate the narrative overall. How does it work? Does it accomplish its objective? How do the rhetorical elements/features you identified help it to do this? (1 paragraph).