Narrative Essay

Narrate one specific event (or a series of interrelated events) that vividly describes your personal experience with or attitude toward education. Your narrative may be written in any timeframeone hour, one day, one week, or even several yearsso long as the events are in chronological order. Also, include appropriate sensory detailssight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feelings (emotions)to help bring your narrative to life.
Using text-to-self connections, find creative ways to connect your specific educational experience(s) to at least three course readings. Also, you may use first-person pronouns in this essay.

In MLA format, write three to four full pages.
In addition, incorporate into each body paragraph at least two direct quotes from any three readings. In all, your essay should have a total of six direct quotes (or more) from at least three readings.

 Cited page

A properly formatted works cited page will be included on a separate page at the end of your essay. You need a minimum of three (3) sources in MLA format, 8th edition.