National Association of Counties and National League of Cities

Prior to beginning work on your discussion post, read Chapter 10 in Martin (2015) and Chapter 9 in Steiner (2015), and access and review the required resources (the following webpages: Law Enforcement (Links to an external site.) and The Office of State and Local Law Enforcement (Links to an external site.), and the following websites: National Association of Counties (Links to an external site.) and National League of Cities (Links to an external site.)). Carefully consider the material on preparedness and planning set forth in Chapter 10 of the Martin (2015) text. In addition, please review the material on the National Association of Counties and the National Association of Cities set forth in Chapter 6 of the Martin (2015) text which was previously assigned for Week Two.

For your initial post, compare and contrast the most effective response methods of the National Association of Counties with the National Association of Cities, within the context of homeland security objectives, and in particular, within the context of preparedness and planning. Your analysis should include supporting examples. In addition, take a position on whether or not the two associations should be merged into a single association. In other words, do you support fewer autonomous associations, or do you think there is an advantage to maintaining distinct organizations? Defend your position. Identify at least one advantage and one drawback associated with a merger of the two associations. Finally, examine the skills needed by each association to identify, evaluate, and resolve complex policy issues within the context of homeland security.