Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment.  (6 pages, plus references and any relevant attachments).  Students will select a social problem  and will determine an answerable research question for a needs assessment study.  All data utilized for this project will be secondary, publicly available data.  Please reference Chapter 3 in your textbook regarding needs assessments, their purposes, and design elements.  You will complete a needs assessment, and include the following in your needs assessment paper.  1. Introduction and statement of need.  1 page in length.  Why is this an important problem to explore?  2. Summary of literature related to this problem.  1/2-1 page, all references must be cited in text and included on reference page, all in APA format.  Are there relevant policies or advocacy groups related to this policy, what types of research have been done on this problem and what have those studies found, have other areas done needs assessment on this problem, and what did they find?  3. Research question and purpose of the needs assessment.  1 paragraph.  4. Methodology using research terminology.  Type of research, sampling, data collection and analysis, reporting, limitations.  1/2 page plus attachments of data collection tools or other relevant information.  5. Results. 1-2 pages.  What did you find. Data tables or graphs required followed by a narrative explaining the tables.  Appropriate statistical tests, as described in your methodology section are required to be discussed.  6. Discussion/Conclusion.  1 page.  Interpret the results and discuss the answer to the research question(s).  What are your recommendations based on your findings?   Be sure to review the Assignment Grading Rubric before submitting your assignment. Assignment due in Module 4.