Overall Evaluator CommentsEVALUATOR COMMENTSYou did aptly detail how to form a project team by outlining how technical staff members should be identified, the team size should be specified, and team goals and responsibilities should be outlined. You did accurately describe that one benefit that a healthcare organization might gain from adopting an EHR is that access to up-to-date, complete, and accurate information about each patient is improved thereby promoting effective healthcare practices. Please see the comments below for revisions needed in the work.
A1. Areas Needing AssessmentApproaching CompetenceApproaching CompetenceThe descriiption does not identify 1 area needing assessment in the organization’s health information management (HIM) workflow or does not accurately address why the area needs assessment.EVALUATOR COMMENTS: ATTEMPT 1The work notes that the organization should “assess electronic data exchange to ensure optimal information transmission for developing effective health care programs aligned with patient needs.” Specific identification of the actual area within the HIM workflow that would need to be assessed to ensure “optimal information transmission” is not provided.
A2. Staff ConcernApproaching CompetenceApproaching CompetenceThe explanation does not include 1 concern, related to adopting an EHR, that staff from the area needing assessment in part A1 may have.EVALUATOR COMMENTS: ATTEMPT 1The work notes that resistance to change may be a concern of staff within the organization. Specific discussion of the concerns of staff within the particular area of the HIM workflow that is in need of assessment is not provided.
A3. Functional Needs of Staff MembersApproaching CompetenceApproaching CompetenceThe explanation does not accurately address the functional needs of HIM staff members or does not logically justify those needs.EVALUATOR COMMENTS: ATTEMPT 1The work details how the electronic health record system “promotes connectivity and communication in the department by integrating medical records from different settings, leading to improved coordination.” The discussion that specifically details how the promotion of connectivity and communication is a functional need of the HIM staff members identified in A1 is not well developed.
A4. EHR ComparisonApproaching CompetenceApproaching CompetenceThe descriiption of how the use of an electronic health record can affect privacy, security, and legal aspects in ways that differ from the use of a paper medical record is not accurate.EVALUATOR COMMENTS: ATTEMPT 1The work notes that unlike paper records, the electronic health record can be subject to security issues such as phishing attacks and viruses and legal concerns to the breach in privacy and confidentiality. A discussion that actual compares the aspects of the paper record that would differ from the electronic health record and impact privacy, security, and legal aspects is not found.
B1. Project Plan ElementsApproaching CompetenceApproaching CompetenceThe descriiption does not include each of the elements that should be included in a project plan for adopting an EHR or does not logically address the importance of each element.EVALUATOR COMMENTS: ATTEMPT 1The work provides a listing of the project plan elements such as deliverables, the project schedule, a risk assessment, budget, timeline, and the scope. The work does not provide a logical discussion of the importance of each element.