Neuropathology in alzheimers

You need to write a short research proposal for your desired research project. You need to follow the guidelines of writing a proposal and ideally use the attached template of the research proposal to prepare your research proposal.

Hint: Imagine you are creating a proposal for your bachelor’s / master’s / Ph.D. thesis research. This proposal will be your idea/creation and you can also use this proposal for your own thesis research or future research.

How to choose a research project’s topic:

You can decide a research topic by considering the topics of the 3 research articles you have read and summarised earlier in the internship programme. Read the provided Studies on Alzheimer ebook for more help.

If you are not sure or cannot decide your own research topic then choose ONE of the following research topics of your proposal:

Neuropathological alterations in Alzheimer DiseaseRole of the Neuropathology of Alzheimer DiseaseFunctional magnetic resonance imaging in ageing and dementiaReference style:

APA (American Psychological Association).

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