New Zealand Educational Field Trip Policies

A suggestedmethodology for writing about international practices in cultural field trips
First: start by writing(in no more than 500 words) about the following:
–        A brief overview of the educational system in thecountry, this must include the following:
1.     The nature ofthe educational system in the country.
2.     The management methodof the educational system and the entity (or entities) concerned withsupervising it that has the authority to issue policies, laws, and regulations.
3.     Funding theeducational system: government, private sector contribution, or government withinput from the private sector.
4.     Feature(s) thatdistinguish the educational system in this country.
5.     Information andstatistics about schools, primary, intermediate and secondary (publiceducation); university is not included within the framework of our study.
–        A general overview of the activities programs andtheir importance in schools and the educational system,
–        An overview of the field trips and their importance inthe educational system in the country.
(Suggested model):
Please be sure to  mention at theend the references to the links for the websites, date of access to them, andthe sources and references that were used.
Second: TheSection for study’s results and their discussion:
It must include thefollowing details ordered according to the questions of the study:
1.     Describe  the governance of cultural field trips in theselected country.
This section will describe the policies, legislation and regulationsrelated to field trips, in detail, and should include the following points:
–        Effective frameworks for the governance of fieldcultural trips according to the experience of the selected countries.
–        Policies for managing field cultural trips accordingto the selected countries.
 Controls and frameworks for implementing policiesbased on the experience of the selected countries.
 The tasks and responsibilities of stakeholders(families and related communities) in implementing this policy.
 Improvement and development frameworks for all its processesand procedural and executive guides.
2. What is thereality of the cultural field trip programs and projects in the selected country.
This part includes thefollowing points:
 Defining the nature of the cultural field tripprograms in the selected countries.
 Determining the nature of cultural field trip projectsaccording to their arenas in the selected countries.
 Determining the percentage of students benefiting fromcultural field trips in the selected countries.
 Description of the trips and preparation for them.
3. What isthe cultural field trips environment in the selected countries?
       Determining the environments of the cultural fieldtrips in the selected countries.
       A description of the nature of the cultural field tripenvironments according to their arenas in the selected countries.
       The extent at which field trips benefit from thesupport of (government, private and non-profit sectors) in the selectedcountries
4. What are the sources of funding tosupport cultural field trips in the selected countries and what plans exist fortheir sustainability?
This part includes the following:
  Studying themechanisms and tools for financing internal and external school field tripprograms and the extent of the diversity of funding sources.
  Methods ofrationalizing spending and reducing costs.
  Sustainabilityplans to ensure the fulfilment of internal and external school field trips requirements.
Conclusion: This should include a brief summary and recommendations of how to applylessons learned from the study.
Please including anytables or graphs of importance into this research paper along with and explanationof the significance to the study
We also need to include anannotated bibliography formatted as follows:

Document Title

{Title of Cited Document}

General Descriptive Analysis

Analysis Scope

Unit of Analysis
Document Topics

Document Date

Document Source



Ministry – Activity Department – School

{date of document publication}

Name of Author/ Publisher

{Topic covered in document}

{Brief summary of topic covered}

{additional topic covered in document}

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