NIT1201 Introduction to Database Systems:ER Diagram Standards

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HNCB6 Construction Information
Evaluate different types of construction information in the context of diverse project typesP1–Explain the use of construction information in the context of a projectP2–Describe the different types of construction information and their uses …
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Hydraulic Conductivity
Question 1 – What are the predominant sediments observed in these logs? Question 2 – What values of hydraulic conductivity, porosity, Specific yield and Specific Storage would you expect to find? Question 3 – What is the range of thicknesses of the two aquifers (assume they are con …
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CIVL 598 Environmental Fluid Mechanocs
Consider two simultaneously deposited concentration spikes of salt (i.e. D=10-9m2s-1), each of mass M located at x = 3m and x = 7m along a narrow conduit.=(note: questions b, e, and f are optional. If you have nothing better to do, and/oryou want to challenge yourself, try them)a. What is the sol …
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CIVL3340 Structural Analysis
Questions:Q1.Name the three design philosophies, briefly explain the basis for each and make a comment if the load combinations used for each are identica.Q2Knowing that the connection at joint B and C in the first structure, and joint B in the second structure is a hinge, cla …
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Question # 1:  For the plane truss shown in Figure 1, determine the horizontal and vertical displacements at node 1 and the stresses in each member. Nodes 2, 3, and 4 are attached to pin supports as shown. Let Young’s modulus E = 210 GPa and ð´ = 4.0 × 10−4ð‘š2 for …
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