non-fiction development worksheet

Please fill this out  for  a nonfiction  film idea that you plan to develop into a script, or that you MIGHT develop into a  script. NONFICTION DEVELOPMENT WORKSHEET _3_.docx 
MES 153-1000 
Please note:  This worksheet is for a SHORT documentary  film script. It is supposed to be 5-8  pages long which is 5-8 minutes in film time  
Please note:  for the  purposes of this assignment I am asking you to envision your non fiction script as a FILM.
Your name: 
The name of your nonfiction script : 
 Who do you think  is the audience for this film? 
 ( for example, young men,  20 something women, families,  the elderly)
In a perfect world, WHERE would  you envision this film being shown?
 For example, grade school, college  school, hospitals,  film festivals, Streaming, TV channels- which one? on YoutubeWhere  else?
  What are the THEMES of this film? 
 These can be a moral, a lesson ,
Opinions or arguments  you wish to present,
Spiritual, emotional, physical Issues the film explores,
What you want the audience to take from the film
Name at least 2 themes this film explores:
( Example:What does success mean  in life?)
(Example: Be careful you don’t lose your perspective as you pursue your goals ) 
 How EXACTLY do you plan to  explore these themes in the film? 
( Example: I explore the  theme of  success by showing Amanda working too hard and feeling lonely  then scaling  back her work hours. Meanwhile Greg becomes more of a workaholic)  
(Example: Amanda realizes she  lost   perspective. Meanwhile Greg loses MORE perspective ) 
 What is the tone of this film?
Educational? Sarcastic? Dramatic?  Dark Comedy? Serious? Goofy? A mixture?
Name 3-5 IMAGES you envision in this film :
 Name 3-5 DECISIONS that take place onscreen in this film , if applicable 
Are there any  CHARACTERS in this film? List them, if applicable:
 Is there a main character? Do they change in any way during the film?  
Does anyone have a goal in  this film?   What is it? What are the obstacles to the goal? 
Does anyone connect in this film? Who and how?
What is at stake in this film? Does anything have the drama of success or failure? 
( not every film has this I am just asking ) 
 If there is no main character who changes,  do you desire for the audience members to experience a change? And if so,what change do you want them to have? 
 What do you want people to take away from this film?