non western literature

Non-Western Literature
Essay 1 Assignment
Choose one (1) of the following prompts for your research paper:

Discuss the different ways in which the concept of Magical Realism manifests within 2-3 of the stories in this collection.

Of the five Isabel Allende stories covered on the discussion board, compare and contrast two or three of the female characters. Which character is stronger? 

In what ways are the stories in Daytripper similar to, and different from, the stories of either Isabel Allende or Gabriel García Márquez? 

Written as a memoir, is Persepolis more powerful than if Satrapi had fictionalized the story? Why or why not? Compare this book to other memoirs you have read. What are the benefits and drawbacks of memoirs?

Requirements & Advice

This 750-word paper should conform to MLA guidelines in terms of both formatting and citations.
12-point Time Roman font, double-spaced.
Be sure that you have a strong thesis statement in your opening paragraph: establish an argument!
You may use essays in the text as sources, but you are also required to use at least two (2) outside sources. Use authentic academic sources.  Items taken from encyclopedias or dictionaries do not count as academic sources, though you may use them for other purposes.
Be sure to establish a formal tone and use the best language possible within your paper. This is an academic essay, not an e-mail.
Submit the paper as a Word document into the Essay 1 Drop Box in Canvas by 11:59 pmof the due date.