Nurse Practitioner Case Study


Investigate the disease process of post traumatic stress disorder.

1. Analyze and describe the pathophysiology of the disease process and discuss the evidence-based pharmacological treatments in your state and how they affect management of the disease in your community. (3/4 1 page)
2. Discuss the clinical guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and patient education for the disease process. (3/4 1 page)
3. Analyze how the disease process affects patients, families, and populations in communities. (3/4 1 page)
4. Discuss briefly three strategies you could use to implement best practices for managing the disease in your current healthcare organization. (3/4 1 page)

Change to The body of your paper needs to be 3-4 pages long. This does NOT include the title page and reference page. Papers that are more than 4 pages long will not be accepted. You must reference a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources on your paper and reference national guidelines

Case Review
Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the topic(s) and issue(s). Provides a rich and detailed explanation to the questions. Description leaves the reader with a holistic picture of the patients history, diagnosis, management, treatment, and/or education.
Analysis of Findings
Provides an in- depth, critical analysis of case study activity findings together with appropriate literature. Student insightfully and appropriately connects findings to specific clinical concepts, using carefully selected quotes, principles, and/or theories cited from course readings.
Application and Evaluation
Consistently Illuminates knowledge and insights to be gained from case study. Discusses specific ways reader can use lessons learned in future clinical practices, outlining specific concrete action steps he/she recommends.
Presents ideas thoughtfully and in-depth. Ideas are coherently and logically organized. Has an effective writing style, marked by language that is free from errors in mechanics, usage, and sentence structure.
Evidence-based Research
Supplements case study with relevant and appropriate research into the present case study; clearly and thoroughly documents all sources of information.
The assignment consistently follows current APA format and is free from errors in formatting, citation, and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.