There is one required 3-4 page paper in the course.  The paper is to be double spaced using 12 point TIMES NEW ROMAN font. The cover and reference pages are not included in the page limit. It is expected that all references will be from scholarly books or journals. Website references are notacceptable. APA format including first-level headings is required.   An abstract is not required.  Use of a running head is optional.  Submit the paper as an attachment via the Collaborate Assignment tab on the date it is due. Evaluation of papers will be based on the intellectual standards and scholarly writing standards as outlined in the N622 Grading Rubric which is found under the Grading Rubric icon on the course homepage.  A final grade on the papers will be influenced by late submission.

In the introductory paragraph, describe the purpose and the significance of the paper.  Everyone should state the purpose as follows:  The purpose of this paper is to: describe Newman et al.’s ideas about the focus of the discipline of nursing; describe five of Nightingale’s ideas about nursing; discuss three areas of correspondence and three areas where there is lack of correspondence between Newman et al.’s and Nightingale’s ideas; and derive implications for application in your practice of  nursing.
Cite a minimum of two references in APA format in the paper.
Required level one headings for this paper are: 

Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it is not
Focus of the Discipline of Nursing
Compare and Contrast the Ideas of the Authors
Implications for Nursing Practice

Rubric name: Theoretical influences of Notes on Nursing and the Focus of the Discipline on Advanced Practice





Needs Improvement

Total Possible Points – 5

5 Points
Purpose is clear and complete.
Purpose is congruent with all aspects of the assignment.

4.75 points
Stated purpose is clear but lacking in completeness
Purpose is congruent with most aspects of the assignment.

3.50 points
Purpose is not clear and is incomplete.
Congruence with assignment is vague.

2.8  points
Purpose is missing or can only be inferred.
Is not congruent with the assignment.

Total Possible Points – 4

4 points
Significance of the topic is identified and defined and
assumptions shaping the significance are made clear.

3.75 points
The significance is identified or defined less clearly and/or
assumptions shaping the significance  are less clear.

3.25 points
The significance can only be inferred and/or
assumptions shaping the significance are ambiguous.

2.7 points
The significance is missing and/or the
assumptions shaping the significance are missing or ambiguous.

Theoretical Concepts
Total Possible Points- 7

7 points
Key concepts from the literature are identified and defined clearly and described in depth.

6.75 points
Key concepts are identified and defined but depth is lacking.

Concepts identified  but are not clearly defined and lack depth.

2.6 points
Key concepts are not identified
Information is unclear, irrelevant or superficial
Concepts identified are not key to the theory.

Implications for Practice
Total Possible Points -6

6 points
Implications are clear, complete, significant, and congruent with the purpose.

5.75 points
Clarity, completeness, or significance of implications is less strong or connection to the purpose is less strong.

5.50 points
Implications are lacking in clarity, completeness, significance, and congruence with the purpose.

4 points
Implications are superficial, cannot be found or are not related to the purpose.

APA Format
Total Possible Points-3

The topic sentence is the first sentence in each paragraph. 
One idea is stated in the paragraph topic sentence and developed logically in the paragraph.
Sentence structure demonstrates correct use of
subject verb agreement, noun pronoun agreement, precision, and economy of expression.
Word choice demonstrates correct use for topic, audience and verb tense.
Writing demonstrates correct use of spelling and punctuation. 

APA style for citations in text, reference list, and headings

3 points
Meets a majority of criteria in mechanics/writing style and APA format.

2.75 points
Meets most of the criteria for mechanics/writing style and/or APA format.

2.50 points
There are more than a few violations in mechanics, writing style and/or APA format.

1 points
Multiple errors in mechanics/writing style and/or APA format.