Olam International case study

Please read the case: Boeing 787: Manufacturing a Dream and answer the following question The only material that can be cited is the textbook I uploaded.This week’s discussion will focus more on evaluating what Boeing did, more so than past discussions have discussed what should be done. You will have the textbook to reference, but also feel free to reference the additional videos.1) What were the factors that led Boeing to see their Global Partnership Model (outsourcing) as the proper corporate strategy? In reference to the question at the end of the case, why did they feel it was sound? (0.5 pages)2) Given what happened, what were the flaws? Why did the strategy fail? (0.5 pages)3) Ignoring what has transpired since the end of the case, what decision should Conner make going forward? What would be the ‘better’ strategy given options we have discussed in the course? (0.5 pages)