online stress reduction technique

First, you need to select an online stress relief technique, and you need to use at least 2 sources, webpages are fine; include 2 or more links to your sources at the end of the page (the links do not count as part of the word count). Please include a link to your content (that you are writing about – your online activity) – THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS ONE OF YOUR TWO SOURCES – YOU WILL HAVE THREE LINKS IN TOTAL (MINIMUM). 
a. Explain what the technique is, and how it works (explain any new terms associated with this tactic).
b. Explain how this technique could be useful to someone who is experiencing a chronic stress feedback loop. Use your analytical skills to unpack how this technique may be helpful for certain groups of people or individuals. 
c. Explain how this technique works to build a community of people who are less stressed/more learning brain oriented, or explain (if not), why not. 
d. Finish your post with an open ended question for your classmates to answer – it needs to be a question about your stress relief technique. 
OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS! Avoid yes or no, agree or disagree questions – those are not open ended questions.