opposing views

Your final requirement for the class is a critical thinking paper where you need to analyze opposing views on a particular social problem. To do this paper, you need to access the “Opposing Views” collection from the Kent State library. Please consult with the Kent State librarians nearest you if you having problems accessing the collection.
The following format is to be followed as you write up this exercise. Please note that this is a skeletal outline and is intended to help you decide what information to include in your report. Be sure to cover all these points, but do not feel that you are limited to them. Elaborate and be creative where you can. Incorporate as much as you can from what you have learned about sociology in everyday settings.
This report should be 4-6 pages in length, typewritten and double space. Please take note of my policies regarding written assignments (see syllabus).
I. Introduction of the Topic
 Why choose this topic? Here, you need to show why you were interested in this particular topic. For example, it could be something that is affecting you, your family, or friends right now, or it could be something that you had been wondering about for some time.
 Why is this a social problem? In answering this question, you can either use the two ways we define a social problem (see pages3-5 ) or discuss the problem in terms of its objective versus subjective reality ( see page 6-8)
II. Do side by side comparisons of the argument. Summarize in 2-3 paragraphs the main points of each side. There is no need to go into great detail about the opposing claims being made
III. Evaluate evidence: The bulk of the points are on the way you analyzed how each side MADE the claim that their perspective is the correct one. You need to focus on how each side made their case. Look at the evidence that were presented and make comments on this. For example, did they use factual evidence? Cited other research? Used sweeping generalizations? Emotional appeal?
IV. Theoretical Application
 What sociological theory (functionalism, conflict, or symbolic interactionist) is each side taking? Explain why.

Opposing Views Guidelines
  V. Conclusion: Which side made more sense? Why?
 Relatewhatyouhavereadwiththeclassmaterials
 Useasociologicalperspective-avoidpsychology-basedreasoning–thatis, concluding on an individual or personal level
 Limit personal reasons – remain as objective as you can. Do not be surprise that you made end up saying that the side which do not agree with actually made a better argument than the side you were on.
Technical Aspects: make sure that you check for the following-
1. Use articles from “Opposing Views” collection ONLY
2. Do not forget to do the proper citations. You can use any system that you are familiar with- MLA, APA, Chicago-style, etc. Remember that you have to indicate within the text itself which information came from which reference. Merely listing your references at the end of the paper is not enough.
3. Points will be taken off if there are too many grammatical and spelling errors. Treat this as an English paper if you must.
4. Arguments should be logically presented. Make sure that I can follow your discussions without having to do too much guesswork as to what you are trying to say. Tip: Do not write paragraphs that are a page-long nor sentences that are longer than 4 lines. These often indicate multiple ideas and can be confusing.
5. IF you can, use the OWL services that Kent provides. It is always a good thing to ha