Oral Presentation about Your Research

1. The oral presentation, due on Wednesday, will be preceded by a memorandum written by you explaining what your report will say. The oral report has a distinctly different character than the research paper, and your task is to describe how it will change.

2.  Prepare to deliver a 5-minute presentation as if you were presenting to a group of experts, with visuals in the form of Google Slides/Powerpoint/Prezi software. Format the presentation to answer the following items:

State the research topic and critical questions.
Give a background history of the topic and its impact on the public debate.
Describe the research process and scope of the search for information.
Identify conclusions found from your research.
Project the possible future phases of this topic.
Make the case for your thesis statement in a real-world scenario

Provide the following audio-visual information:

A title for your presentation
Images, recordings, videos that highlight key elements of your research
Tables, charts, and data sets (optional)

Conclude with a summary of your sources (don’t just print a list).
Prepare two or three quiz questions to test your audience to see what they learned from the presentation.