Organization development #1

1stAssignmentStep1. Review textbook chapters that cover the topics of designinginterventions (Chapter 7), motivating change, working with the stakeholders(Chapter 8), implementing change, and providing feedback (Chapter 9).Step2. Read the case Managing Change: Action Planning for theVélo V Project in Lyon, France in your textbook (p. 244-245). Takenotes regarding the stakeholders and change management processes mentioned inthe case.Step 3. Answerthe following questions and support your claims and assertions using citations:Assumeyou are a project manager at JCDecaux and have been assigned to work withthe city of Lyon to implement this physical, organizational, and socialchange. What are the practical and philosophical implications of thiswork?Usingthe tools, methods, and processes described in the chapter, construct acomprehensive “action plan” for this project.Wherewould you start?Whoare the key stakeholders and how will you manage them?Step 4. Writean essay that meets the following requirements:APAformatted 3-5 page long (1000-1500 words) essay. The APA assignment template is available at the bottom ofthis section.Atleast three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles) and aminimum of five in-text citations.Atitlepage and a references page (not included in the word count).