Organizational development #2

2ndAssignmentStep1. Reviewtextbook chapters that cover the topics of contracting and diagnosis stages(Chapter 10) as well as interpersonal, group and system wide interventions (Chapter11).Step2. Read the case Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Intervention inyour textbook (p. 308-313). Be sure to take notes on the diagnosis andintervention stages for this case.Step 3. Answerthe following questions and ensure to support your claims and assertions usingcitations.:Ifyou had been called by Lincoln’s president to help resolve the problemsdescribed in the case, how would you have carried out the contracting anddiagnosis stages? What would you have done differently than what the ODconsultant did?Isthird-party intervention an appropriate intervention in this case? Otherpossible OD interventions?Howeffective was the third-party intervention? Next Steps?Step 4. Writean essay that meets the following requirements:APAformatted 3-5 page long (1000-1500 words) essay. The APA assignment template is available at the bottom ofthis section.Atleast three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles) and aminimum of five in-text citations.Atitle page and a references page (not included in the word count).