Organizational development #3

3rdAssignmentStep 1. Review textbook chaptersthat cover the topics of structural design, employee involvement, and jobre-engineering (Chapters 12 and 13).Step2. Read the case Sullivan Hospital in yourtextbook (p. 384-386). Be sure to take notes on the diagnosis and interventionapproach provided in the case.Step 3. Answerthe following questions and support your claims and assertions using citations:Assemblethe diagnostic data into a framework and prepare feedback to the senioradministrators of the hospitals. The feedback should include:
What’syour sense of the organization’s current structure and employeeinvolvement issues?Whatis the level of employee involvement and how does it relate to performance?
Whatchanges would you recommend? Is a total quality management interventionappropriate here? What alternatives would you propose? What are the mostcommon organization structures used today as well as their strengths andweaknesses?Designan implementation plan for your preferred intervention. Consider whetherthere should be a sociotechnical systems work design.Step4. Write an essay that meets the following requirements:APAformatted 3-5 page long (1000-1500 words) essay. The APA assignment template is available at the bottom ofthis section.Atleast three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles) and aminimum of five in-text citations.Itmust have a title page and a references page (not included in theword count).