Organizational development #4

4th AssignmentStep1. Review textbook chapters that cover the topics of performancemanagement (Chapter 14) and interventions on career planning, development(Chapter 15), workforce diversity, inclusion, stress, and wellness (Chapter16).Step2. Read the case Designing and Implementing a Reward Systemat Disc Drives, Inc (p. 470-474). Be sure to take notes on theapproaches taken toward the changes organizational structure and managementprocesses.Step 3. Answerthe following questions and ensure to support your claims and assertions usingcitations:Describethe features of a system you would recommend for the performancemanagement system. What changes need to be made in the goal setting,feedback/appraisal, and reward systems at DDI? Be specific about thefeatures of the system(s) you believe need to be changed and thecharacteristics of the system itself. Focus on the characteristics of thereward system that are required to fit or align with the strategy,structure, and management processes.Describethe change management process you would use to design and implement thenew system. What roles and responsibilities should the executive team takeon? How fast should the system be implemented?Step3. Write an essay that meets the following requirements:Itmust be an APA formatted 3-5 page long (1000-1500 words) essay. You may use the APA assignment templateavailable at the bottom of this section.Itmust contain at least three scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journalarticles) and a minimum of five in-text citations.Itmust have a title page and a references page (not included in theword count).