Organizational development #5

5thAssignmentObjective: Thisweek’s assignment has you write an APA formatted essay proposing a design for aspecific launch.PreparationTask: Review textbook chapters that cover the topicsof transformational change, continuous change, and trans-organizational change(Chapters 17, 18, and 19).AssignmentStep1. Read the case The Transformation of Meck Insurance (p.612-622).Step 2. Keepingin mind the lessons learned to date from this case, propose a design(interventions, roles and responsibilities, timing, agendas, and other aspects)for Launch 2. Be sure to include or consider the following:Continuedwork with leadership teamBuildingcapability of leadersStartingto engage rest of organization using core principlesContinuingto leverage organization design features, such as systems, structures, andrewards, to align behavior to The Compass.Step3. Time to produce an essay that should meet the followingrequirements:
Itmust be an APA formatted 3-5 page long (1000-1500 words) essay. You may use the APA assignment templateavailable at the bottom of this section.It must contain at least threescholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles) and a minimum of fivein-text citations.Itmust have a title page and a references page (not included in theword count).