ources of Power oInformational oPersonality oIndividual differences oStructural oRelationships

Negotiations Paper Guidelines

The potential topics are attached below in the Week 1 folder…. check with me if you wish to do other ones. 

It is advisable to do a rough search first to see if there is enough sources and information to do a paper on

The papers should follow standard research paper formats and practices. 

Sourcing will be important and to the extent it is available academic sources will be preferred to blogs for example – basically the quality of the sources counts

Footnotes not endnotes please.  You may also add explanations in the footnotes for certain points if you wish that you do not necessarily want in the body of the paper.
People always want to know page limits.  I am looking for 10 pages single spaced (20 double spaced) including footnotes but not title pages, charts, tables etc.
Grading will roughly be 70% content, 15% sources, 15% formatting, grammar etc.
There will be an assignment link in Week 7 to deposit your paper.
I attach an example of a final paper for your review