Outline and research report 2 part assignment

And the second assignment is: Length: approximately 2500 words or 10 type-written pages, as well as a title page, the referencesection, and any appendices that you might includeDue Date: after you have covered all of the materials in the course (i.e., Units 1–8)This essay will be based on the proposal you submitted for Assignment 3. Building on your earlierproposal/outline, this paper should include at least 15 reputable resources (including readings from yourcourse materials). Your final paper should contain the following components:• Research question: Your research question should frame your critical essay. You shouldderive your research question from your interests and your understandings of the coursematerials; it should address a particular theme in the course. This research question shouldbe the same (or very similar) to the question posed in Assignment 3.• Literature review: Your literature review should explore various aspects of your researchquestion in detail. This section will form the largest part of your critical paper. In this review,you should consider a minimum of 15 articles, the majority of which should come fromprimary and refereed sources (i.e., journal articles, course materials). You may also includesome secondary or review materials such as books, book chapters, and non-refereed articlesfound online.• Conclusion: This section should briefly integrate the main arguments from your literaturereview and summarize how these arguments answer the research question posed.• Reference section: List of references cited in your critical essay. Please cite and listreferences in APA style.

the course readings should be included in the references used. There
are three books. Anderson, K., & Lawrence, B. (2003). For the
betterment of our nations. In K. Anderson & B. Lawrence (Eds.),
Strong women stories: Native vision and community survival (pp. 11–22).
Toronto: Sumach Press.

T. (2010). Broken Circle. In Broken circle: The dark legacy of Indian
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J., Herring, A., & Young, T. (2006). An overview of the Aboriginal
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