Outline for Extemporaneous informative speech oPomegranates superfood Informative Speech on SuperfoodInformative Speech on Superfood

Outline for ExtemporaneousInformative Speech on Pomegranate SuperfoodA sentence structured outline and work cited page (APA) format is required. Outline must have a minimum of 3 references and follow MPx3 TS format.(“Main Points 3 Times and Transition Statements”) Follow the sample outline in files titled Virginia Apgar. Outline and APA citation page must be uploaded as one document.Information in outline needs to be enough for delivering a 5-7 minute speech.Your outline follows the sample outline in the following:Rule 1, “Everything on the far left margin stays in your outline”. (Only the far left).Rule 2, “Everything in parenthesiswill appear in your outline”. That is the speech writing app part of the outline. Follow that format and your speech outline will be MPx3 TS. Main Points three times with Transition Statements.Rule 3, “APA citation is required with 3 references. (Citation page is at the end of the outline and submitted as one document).