Outline for Inoformative-Explanation Speech

I need an outline for my speech class i need it exactly like the  on the file 

Step 1: Choose an academically challenging topic. Refer to the course notes on topic selection. All topics must be approved by the instructor.  

Step 2:  Formulate your specific purpose statement and central idea/thesis  

Step 3:  Begin your research trying to answer a specific question about the topic. Keep in mind that you need a minimum of 3 sources for full credit on the speech. A note on sources: You may use electronic sources but avoid web-based sources. Use sources that are available online only if they exist in print form. Wikipedia.org may not be used as a reference for your speeches! A search engine is not a source.  

My topic is Voting, I need three sources about this topic ,  and Plus I need a thesis about the topic I have chosen and that is Voting