overview or synopsis of this novel

Midterm Paper Instructions: 4-5 pages total, excluding your title page, references and diagram Students will select and read one the following novels: a. Finding Fish: A Memoir by Antone Fisher, b. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri 
1. Start by providing a 1-2 paragraph overview or synopsis of this novel (this should be about 1-page max for the overview).
 2. Choose one of the main characters from your book and apply the following perspective and theory of choice: Strengths perspective Systems Theory OR Ecological Theory 
3. Using the same character, choose ONE theory/perspective/approach from the following dimensions: Biopsychosocial (ex: Social Learning Theory, Biopsychosocial Approach) Sociocultural (ex: Social Constructionism, Sociocultural Perspective) Social Change (ex: Attribution Theory, Conflict Theory) And then: 1. Explain the theory/perspective/approach and 2. How it could be used to assess/evaluate the main character of the book using concepts from the theory/perspective/approach and why you chose this theory/perspective/approach for the character (connect and justify your choice)
 4. Create a diagram depicting the main character in their environment (i.e., micro, mezzo, and macro levels)