SOC350 – LEEDHAM – FALL 2021
DUE 11/20/2020 worth 20 points.
Construct a pamphlet designed to educate people or to advocate a position with regard to end of life issues or long-term care.  For example, you might advocate for changes in nursing homes to make residents’ lives more meaningful, or issues related to the death penalty or the opioid crisis, or you might do something relating to durable power of attorney or living wills, or an educational pamphlet regarding pain management.
Grading Criteria for Pamphlets:
·      The degree to which your pamphlet provides education or advocacy about end of life issues.  You need to make sure your pamphlet has substantive information about your issue as your work will be graded on content.
Note re Plagiarism as it relates to Pamphlets:
·      Any explanations or positions which you use in your poster or pamphlet should be your own or their source should be clearly identified.
·      You do not need to acknowledge photographs, other pictures or advertisements that you take from magazines or download from the Web to include in your pamphlet.  It is obvious that these materials on not your own work and that you have taken them from another source.  Their use in your pamphlet constitutes fair use.
Note re Prizes:  A small prize will be awarded in each of the following categories:
          1. Most effective educational or advocacy pamphlet.
          2. Most creative pamphlet.
Instructions for pamphlet design:
1.     Your pamphlet may take any form you choose:  A single sheet, a trifold, etc.  You can use any
means you like to make your pamphlet more interesting or striking (clip art, photographs, etc.)
2.     Remember to include your name on your pamphlet.
Pamphlet Display
I will create a gallery of the pamphlets on Canvas so that you can see each others’ work and I will show it as a PowerPoint during class..