paper 2


Length: 800-1000 words, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced
Task: To research a chosen work of art in terms of the strategies of artistic production used to create the work, and write an 800- 1000 word reflective paper that:

describes your responses to the work
offers your understanding of the work through plausible and well-supported interpretation(s)
presents information from research regarding strategies and modes of production
reflects on how research into the modes of production has impacted your understanding of the work

How to Succeed!
Follow these steps in researching and writing your paper. When you write the paper be  SURE to include the image of the work you are discussing in the paper itself at the very beginning. You are welcome to include other images that help to explain ideas having to do with the mode of production of the artwork (the way the artwork was likely made; techniques involved in working with the materials; properties of the material, etc.).
Choose a work of art that really interests you. It should be compelling enough to hold your interest and give you plenty to talk about, have enough complexity in the way it was produced to support an investigation into artistic modes of production (how things get made), and enough information about the mode of production available that youre able to find the information you want and need.  NOTE: You must have chosen an artist whose work you have not yet discussed your AR1, AR2, or AR3 blog posts. If you wrote about your artist in your AR4 post, use what you’ve learned to help you write this paper 🙂
Section 1:

Get to know the work itself and its immediate context. Do some research into the artist, her/his general ways of working, and spend time with the work of art itself looking carefully at and getting to know it. Your careful description should include references to the subject matter, medium, and form. It should be written using lively language and offer your associations, questions, and interpretation(s). (250-300 words) **This is where your research from AR4 will be helpful 

Be sure to consider implicit, explicit, and/or obscured ways meaning is being communicated to an audience in the work.

Section 2:

Learn about the mode of production of the work. The second part of the paper asks you to research and describe the material strategies of production the artist likely used to produce the work. In other words, your task here is to find out about how this artwork was made. Research first, asking these questions: 

What can you learn about the medium s/he is using?
What techniques are involved in using it in this way?
What does this medium allow one to do? What does it get in the way of (constraints)?

For example, making a granite sculpture lets an artist make something that will be weather resistant, but it would get in the way of making something that could be easily suspended from a ceiling by small filaments to it would look like it was floating. For that kind of idea working with balloon sculpture would make more sense.

What can you learn from art history about this medium? Is this a traditional medium?
What can you learn about the making process this artist uses from technical literature, interviews with the artist, other reviews of the work, YouTube, the library (art books are listed under T), and the resources listed in your syllabus?

After researching the previous questions, write a 250-350 word description of the likely mode of production in terms of the technical means of producing that art form, as best you can decipher them. Youre doing detective work here; youll be able to find hard facts but you will also be able to make conjectures and educated guesses (make sure you qualify them this way). Be sure to properly use in-text citation of sources, and keep a list of references at the end of the paper.
Section 3:

What is your perspective? Complete your paper with a 250-350 word section that turns your thoughts back to the work, having gone through the research and thinking process required to write steps 2 and 3. How has your understanding of the work changed or deepened? Is your interest in the work different than it was in the beginning? Do you appreciate the work more or less? How does understanding factors involved in how the artwork was made impact the way you understand the meaning of the work? How and why you chose that work of art? How successful do you feel your inquiry to have been? What was the most interesting aspect of this project for you?

Be sure to also complete the following:

Include an introduction and conclusion
Provide a list of references (bibliography and in-text citation) using APA citation style.
Provide the image of the artwork you are discussing with proper citation
Review the writing tips I addressed after reviewing Paper 1 Version 1.