Partnering to Address Transnational Issues: Human Trafficking

The issues that you face as an HSPP are rarely unique to the community in which you find yourself working. Local challenges can often be fueled by factors that are regional, national, or international in nature. You also may be asked to prioritize needs of organizations or funding. One difficult issue that affects local communities, but that also has national and international dimensions, is human trafficking.
For this Discussion, imagine that a foundation has provided your organization with grant of $100,000 to address the issue of human trafficking. 
To Prepare:

Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcements.
Identify an organization that would work with issues related to human trafficking.
Research organizations outside the United States with whom you could partner.
Consider how you would use the grant at your organization: What would you fund and why?

By Day 4

Describe the organization with which you will partner.
To most effectively address human trafficking, explain how you would allocate the funding, and provide your rationale.