Pathophysiology infographic or video presentation

This week, you will have the opportunity to unleash your creativity in order to help you and your classmates study.Follow the instructions below and create an infographic or video presentation:1. Choose a disease that is the result of one of the following:Chromosome Aberration (could be polyploidy, aneuploidy, abnormalities of chromosome structures)Autosomal Dominant InheritanceAutosomal Recessive InheritanceX-Linked InheritanceMultifactorial Inheritance2. Briefly explain the major signs and symptoms of the disease, the underlying pathology for the disease, and explain the mode of inheritance for the disorder. Keep in mind that your presentation, video, or infographic should be created to teach your fellow learners about the topic.3. Please create these items using infographics ( or video ( If you would like to use a different media source, please email your Instructor first for permission.POWTOON NOTE: This site features a mixture of paid and free items. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR PREMIUM ITEMS TO FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE ASSIGNMENT. Great projects can be created just using their free tools (see the example below). Please watch the video below so that you avoid accidentally selecting elements that ask you to pay.Instructions for How to Create a Completely FREE Project Using Powtoon:Instructions on How to Use These Tools:How to Use Canva:How to Use Powtoon:How to Submit Your Finished Canva Infographic:How to Submit Your Finished PowToon:Examples to get you started:Infographic Example:Alternate LinkPowtoon Example:Alternate Link