Perfect society

This assignment is designed to help you visualize and better understand how our vision of perfecting society, how a “perfectly organized and rational society” (STR edition 2, p. 227) affects our lives. Remember, none of the theorists we read for this portion of class advocate for such a society; they critically theorize what such a society would look like.Step 1: Think about the ways in which Weber, Marcuse and Bauman write critically about rationalizing society. For example, Weber, in The Protestant Ethic theorized about how following a certain religious creed could lead to economic success in the world, and then how people used that success to rationalize how they were “the chosen ones.” Marcuse theorized about how advanced industrialized societies viz. highly rationalized forms of mass media, science and other structures/institutions stripped people of their uniqueness. Step 2: Think about how you, specifically, are either being limited by a rationalizing structure in the world, or you are part of the rationalizing structure that limits others.Step 3: Find a picture, image, symbol, or create/sketch one of your own that represents what you came up with for step 2.Step 4: Reproduce this image in a word or .pdf document and write approximately 750 explaining what the image represents. You must draw from at least two of the readings for this section. You may reference the readings by using the pg. # in the text.Due: submit online through Turnitin no later than Sunday Oct 10 at 11:59 pm. Submissions will close at 11:59 sharp and late assignments will earn -3 pts. Possible Points: 21 (see rubric on pg. 2)