Performance Anxiety In Collegiate Athletes

Guidelines for your proposal1) Introduction a. Include a 2-3 sentence hook that broadly introduces the topic and its significance.b. Background & literature review that covers 2-3 critically relevant studies. These 2-3 studies should narrow down to your research question. c. Your research questions will also be 2-3 sentences that details exactly what you are proposing to study, why it is important to do so, and what will be gained.Your introduction will be about 1 to 1.5 pages.2) Methodsa. You will need to describe who your participants are (2-3 sentences), and why they were chosen.b. Spend the bulk of this section describing how you propose or plan to conduct the study. Provide enough detail that describes the key aspects of the procedure.This will be about a page or a just a bit more.3) Describe/conclude with your predictions. What do you predict in terms of the outcome(s)? There is no need to go into the specific statistics that will be used (you can if you wish). Second, describe what will be gained if this research is done. Third, describe the broader significance of this research. This third section should take about to