Performance Appraisal Evaluation

Students will compare and contrast a facility’s performance appraisal method to at least one model from the internet or develop a new plan for a facility.  Students will locate at least two performance appraisals.  The two appraisals will be compared and contrasted. OR, the student may develop a new performance appraisal and compare it to an existing performance appraisal. The evaluation should include the following:

Description of comparison and contrasts
Staff involvement/participation
Frequency of the evaluation (i.e. annually, biannually)
Interventions for enhanced performance improvement
Feedback mechanisms
Follow-up strategies
Creative innovations the student deems necessary to improve the performance appraisal system
Strengths and weaknesses of that system compared to other models in the literature

This assignment should be submitted as a Word document email attachment and a copy of the appraisal being evaluated should be sent as a scanned document to the instructor. These two files should be sent as one document if possible. The rubric for this assignment is posted in Moodle. All writing assignments are to be in APA format.