Personal ethics at work

Identify one interesting ethics news item in the world of business and submit it as a PowerPoint presentation (submit in ppt or pptx format). Following are instructions and a rubric to help you plan and prepare your assignment:

Search the Internet or other sources for business news that has an ethical issue/dilemma central to the story

It does not necessarily have to be about an ethical dilemma or ethics issue we have discussed so far in class
The news should be recent (that is, ripped from the headlines), but I will accept news that is up to about one year old
I do not want really old news (that is, over one year old)

As mentioned above, you have to create a PowerPoint answers the following:

What are the basic facts of the story?
What is the main ethical issue/dilemma in the story?
What did you learn from your reading of the article in terms of ethics?
Who were the key stakeholders?
Your PowerPoint should have at least 500 words.

Cite your article source and any other sources

You dont need to use a formal cite format; I just need a link to the article on the web

Review your work as necessary to ensure it is polished, well-organized and clear.

Here is a rubric (total of 5 points):

The article is recent = .5 points
The article has a clear ethical issue/dilemma and you have articulated it clearly = 1 point
Your PowerPoint effectively summarizes the news story = 1 point
Your PowerPoint effectively summarizes the main ethical issue/dilemma of the story and lessons learned = 1 point
Your PowerPoint effectively identifies the main stakeholders related to the main ethical issue/dilemma of the story = 1 point
Your PowerPoint is polished, well-organized and clear = .5 points