Persons and Values

(a) discuss your intrinsic value and juxtapose it to the value your community imposes on you; (b) discuss the value you put on the Other and interrogate where that value originates and/or from where/whom it is influenced; (c) discuss the way your community is valued (or devalued), by whom and why; and (d) discuss the value of the state insofar as what it means to you and what you think you mean to it.
Be deliberate, comprehensive and thoughtful as you craft this essay. Be specific about your experiences and which philosophies and discussions to which you are referring in your discussion. 
There is no minimum or maximum length for this essay, but you must be comprehensive in making your arguments, sharing your observations and presenting conclusions. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your academic prowess, attention to detail and ability to make creative and insightful connections.
Write each of your responses in complete sentences with proper English grammar, punctuation and capitalization. As this is an essay assignment, your final submission should be a proofread response/argument in an essay format, i.e. introduction, body and conclusion; in other words, your work should illustrate careful consideration of the prompts as well as a deliberate and curated structure. Your skills and adeptness in communicating your thoughts are likewise subject to evaluation. In short, improper use of the English language and poor/sloppy form will count against you.