In 3-4 pages total, write an essay or dialogue that handles the following scenario and subsequent questions:

You wake up one morning in a strange place, partly underground. A cheery little person says, Good morning, Frodo! You reply that you are not Frodo, but rather a student at CUW. But the cheery fellowBilbocontinues to refer to you as Frodo. You check around the placeBag Endand soon realize that you are not in New Zealand, but in Middle Earth. Later that day, Gandalf comes to visit, and you say, Whats happening? I used to be a student, and now I seem to be a hobbit. Gandalf says, In truth, you do not really exist: you are just a character in a story, no more real than Snow White or Spiderman. You find this upsetting, but do seem to remember reading Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy.

(a) How will you show Gandalf that you know you exist? It is important to first clarify the proper definition of knowledge. Both Plato and Descartes are helpful on this.
(b) What kind of being will you be able to show that you know you are?
Augustine and Descartes are both helpful in combatting skepticism.
(c) Are there limitations on what your argument can show? For example, can you show you know you have a body or used to be a student at CUW?
Why / why not?