Assignment DirectionsBelow you will find the description of what appears to be a morally relevant scenario. 
You are tasked with determining what each of the primary ethical theories would recommend one do in such a situation, and you are to explain and offer an argument in defense of what you would actually do. 

Create a document where you answer the questions. 
Place the following at the top of the first page: 

Follow the directions closely. Once completed, submit the assignment as a word document to the assignment drop box.

ScenarioYou are an editor of a newspaper and have been given photographs of American soldiers celebrating and doing unsavory things over a pile of dismembered enemy bodies which include children. In addition, the photographs are 7 years old. Further, the soldiers in the picture are directly responsible for winning the war that put an end to the oppression of the people in the opposing land. The oppression included slavery. Also, you possess the only existing copies of these photographs.

The Question: Do you post these pictures in your paper?
1. Reflect on what you think the following ethical theories would tell you to do in this situation. Write at least one full paragraph for each ethical theory describing what they would recommend and why. 

Kantian/Deontological Ethics 
Aristotelian Virtue Ethics 

2. Explain what you would actually do, and why (you need not fall in line with one of the ethical theories—your decision is your own, but you must offer an argument in defense of the decision you make).